By Vittoria Logli

In today’s hyper-competitive housing market, the right real estate agent makes all the difference to navigate the process with your best interest in mind. Whether you’re buying or selling a house, understanding how to find a great realtor that’s right for you is essential.


In the fast-moving world of real estate, quick and clear and strong communication is key. A delayed response can sometimes mean the difference between landing or losing a deal.

Full-time realtor

Everyone must start somewhere, and some agents might dip their toe into the real estate waters while still juggling another job or other responsibilities. But as a seller, or buyer working with a part-time agent who is spread too thin can lead to disappointment on several levels.


They’ve trained for this; they’ve taken and passed exams and must take continuing education and they’ve done this all before. More than once. Working with an experienced real estate agent has many more benefits than just the obvious smoother and more enjoyable buying/selling process. They have nurtured relationships with other important professionals such as bankers, lenders, contractions, inspectors, stagers, roof inspectors and so on.


Not all real estate agents are created equal, be selective. Along with experience, it's one of the most important qualities. You can tell a lot from a short conversation with a potential agent, you’ll want to visit their website, social media profiles, Google them for reviews. See what their presence conveys both online and in person.


Staying up to date on the current and local market will serve clients more effectively. You want an agent that knows their way around a purchase contract, that can negotiate beyond the price, your agent will help you navigate a multitude of things including inspection issues, repairs or potential appraisal issues or anything else that may arise.


Honesty and integrity are an essential component to being a successful real estate agent. Buying and selling houses is a big job with lots of time, money involved and to ensure it all gets done with them best interest in mind.


First impressions matter. A key trait of successful agents is to make a personal connection, engage and get along with everyone. You don’t want any kind of barrier to exist in an already complicated sometimes stressful process. If you sense a personality conflict, it’s best to follow your gut and choose someone more compatible to work with.


In our digital age you must be up-to-speed on the latest technology. Being tech savvy is imperative in this field that includes everything from electronic signing, Zoom, cryptocurrency, the use of social media, the ability to market your property using video, drone, and innovative advertising. If an agent is behind the times in technology, it could negatively impact your buying or selling experience.


With every step of the homebuying or home selling process there is a problem for your realtor to solve. You want a realtor that has a problem-solving mentality and that will solve these problems before you even know they even exist.


Being an agent takes tenacity and determination. This profession is demanding with long hours and hard work. A good realtor never stops, educating themselves, no matter how many homes they’ve sold to maintain a competitive edge, they stay up to date on the latest trends, negotiation styles, purchase agreement changes and new developments in the real estate industry so that they can guide their clients accordingly.

In today’s hyper-competitive housing market, the right real estate agent really makes a difference. You want someone you trust and feel comfortable with, who can navigate through the process with your best interests in mind. Selecting a realtor is a highly personal decision. This hire should be tailored to your neighborhood, property, price point, and priorities — as well as your personality and communication preferences.