1. Figuring out the asking price is one of the most important factors as to whether a home will sell. You, or your agent, need to analyze the closed sales within the last 12 months not more than 1 mile away within the same high school district. Anything longer than 12 months or in a different district not relevant. Active properties are your competition. And if anything, these active listings should tell you how NOT to price your home because clearly these people missed the mark. Homes that are under contract should be studied because those agents & sellers did something right! If after 30 days ,if  your home has not received offers then it’s because it’s priced too high! It doesn’t matter how much marketing or how many ads your agent takes out, if a home is overpriced to  it won’t sell.
  2. It smells- funky cooking odors, pet odors or even room deodorizers can kill a buyer’s desire to purchase a home. Use products such as Fresh Wave to remove odors from the air without emitting a scent.  Open some windows if you cooked with smelly garlic before a showing or better yet, avoid cooking before showings all together!
  3. Advertising photo’s aren’t taken professionally. iPhone can take some amazing pics but it nearly impossible to do a room justice with the camera from your phone. You need a wide-angle lens, several lighting exposures and a high-quality camera to do a room justice. Oh and NEVER take pic of toilets, laundry rooms or inside closets unless your closet looks like Kim Kardashians!
  4. The homes finishes are dated. Every shade of Tuscan is out of style! Paint those yellow & burgundy walls neutral gray beige colors like Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore or Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams. Painting is one of the least expensive thing you can do to upgrade your homes appearance & make it more sellable.  Or when in doubt, paint walls white – which is highly popular & on trend right now! Formica counters as well as cultured marble tops are also out. Can’t afford Quartzite or Quartz? There are lots of inexpensive gray & white granite that counters that will add a refresh to your kitchen & baths without breaking the bank. Examples are salenas white, moon white or river white granite.
  5. If your appliances are white, black or better yet, yellow or green, it’s time for an upgrade! Stainless steel is in and it doesn’t cost that much to get an inexpensive appliance package from Home Depot, Lowe’s or ABT Electronics- it’s worth the investment, I PROMISE!

Vittoria Logli 
Broker Associate