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Nov. 4, 2022

How to prepare your home for showings

First Impressions Matter Home Showing

by Vittoria Logli

Now that you’ve decluttered, organized, and deep cleaned and your home is listed in the local MLS (Multiple Listing Service), and the first showing time been scheduled. Now what?

As a motivated seller, you want to do everything you can to ensure your home makes a great impression, entices buyers, sells quickly and is shown in its best light. Being prepared & knowing what to expect for the showings is more important than ever with buyers having more choices you want your home to stand out.

To make sure your home stays in showing condition you may want to consider hiring a weekly cleaning service & landscapers – it’s a small investment but well worth it.

Buyers love light, so open all your curtains, blinds, and flip on all the lights to make sure they can see just how bright your space can be.

Make the Beds: The bedrooms can make or break a home sale, so you want them to look amazing. Think about entering a beautiful hotel room. You want your space to reflect that ambiance - cool, clean, and relaxing.

When you know you have scheduled showings - Be smart about what you cook the night before or the morning of a showing lingering smells might turn off others. I like and recommend Fresh Wave Odor Removing Gel. I don’t recommend using those strong air fresheners either. Buyers may think you are trying to mask something if you have those Glade fresheners all over the house. The Fresh Wave gel absorbs odors without adding any strong smells to the air and it’s made with botanical plant oils. As a mother with 4 kids, 2 smelly dogs & a turtle I use it all over my house - in my mudroom, kids closets & laundry room – everywhere!

Any extra boxes of clutter should be neatly stored in the garage or designated space in the basement. As much as possible, Kids toys should be stowed to one designated area like a spot in the basement, playroom or in kids’ bedrooms.

Showings are typically scheduled through an app called ShowingTime. You’ll get a text notification when there is a showing request it’s your job to confirm or decline the showing right from your phone. Keep in mind that Both buyer’s agent and seller’s agent get the same text alert. That means everyone, all family members and pets, need to clear out during the showing time.

Buyers’ agents will usually access your home through an electronic Sentrilock lockbox and a typical showing only lasts approx. 15-20 minutes unless you have a very large home. And if they are in and out quickly, that doesn’t necessarily mean they don’t love your home. Many buyers spend a lot of time studying the photos, floor plans and video before they even step foot inside your home. Here’s a bonus tip - buyers love it when sellers leave mini water bottle, granola bars or a bowl of candy on the kitchen island. With more homes to see buyers maybe house hunting for hours and they really appreciate a little snack that will make a lasting impression and help them remember your home over all the others.

We understand that life happens and not all of us are Mr. Clean. But try to keep your home as show ready as possible so you’re always prepared for any showings. After all, the more showings your home receives, the more likely it will get sold! I hope these tips will make you feel a little more comfortable and less overwhelmed throughout this process. We're here to help make your home sale as stress-free and successful as possible.

Oct. 7, 2022

Moving to Glenview IL Chicago North Suburb


I’ve had the pleasure on owning now 2 homes in Glenview, IL and raising our 4 kids in the amazing Chicago Northshore town! Here are my top 5 best things about Glenview, IL.

#5 The location Glenview is just 17 miles away from downtown Chicago and only 11 miles away from O’hare airport. It’s conveniently located between 2 major highways with I-94 aka The Edens Expressway and to the west I- 294 Highway We also have 3 Metra train stations (Glenview Metra Station, The Glen Metra station & The Village of Golf Metra Train Station) that can get you to the city of Chicago in only 35 minutes!

#4 The public parks and Glenview Park District are amazing! Glenview features 17 different public parks -Flick Park, Sleepy Hollow Park, Little Bear Park, Cole Park, Cunliff Park to name a few. Glenview is the home to 3 pools! Two outdoor pools- Roosevelt Pool & Flick Pool as well as one indoor pool at the Glenview Park District. It’s the home of a GLENVIEW skateboard PARK too! There a quite a few tennis courts such as Willow Park Tennis Court, Glenview Tennis Park, Indian Ridge Park Tennis Court, etc. And if you’re into Golf, the village offers Glenview Park Golf Club & Glenview Prairie Club. There are also quite a few private family clubs like Valley Lo, Old Willow Club and private Country Clubs such as Northshore Country Club, Glen View Club and for you golfers out there The Glen Club hosted the 2021 PGA tour and is rated a top 100 Golf Course.

#3 The diversity Glenview has many different places of worship, like the Ismaili Center, OLPH, Han Hanuman Mandir Temple of Greater Chicago, Willow Creek Community Church & St. Catherine’s Church just to name a few. The Village of Glenview is super diverse in not only ethnicity but socioeconomic status as well

#2 Glenview, IL is family oriented There are more kids per capita here than adults! We have amazing activities for kids, like The Kohl's Children Museum, The Historic Wagner Farm, The Grove Redfield Estate as well as Make a Masterpiece, Glenview School of Arts, The Little Gym of Glenview, Dreams Gymnastics & Dance as well as FunTopia. If you like ice cream then you’ve come to the right place! The Village of Glenview has ice cream stores galore – Ben & Jerry’s, Oberwise, FroGurt Frozen Yogurt, Dairy Queen AND our famous locally owned Dairy Bar even patronized by Food God.

#1 It’s a great place to raise a family & it’s safe! Glenview is Rated as one of the best places to live and raise a family. It’s located just 17 miles north of Chicago, IL. It is one of the most sought-after areas for, families professionals & retirees looking to buy a home near Chicago. And to top it all off – Glenview is one the safes cities in the state of Illinois!

By Vittoria Logli, Best Realtor Glenview Illinois 60025

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Sept. 26, 2022

Color of the Year Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams Color of The Year 2023 by Vittoria Logli


It’s that exciting time of year again and Sherwin-Williams just announced their 2023 color of the year Redend Point (SW 9081) It’s a beautiful blush, beige with a slight pink undertone. This neutral color would look fabulous with vintage or wood furniture. One of the easiest and least expensive ways to elevate the look of your home is with a fresh coat of paint so you can try this blush beige hue. Or you can bring it into your home through accessories and textiles or even bedding.

Sept. 22, 2022

Cook County Home Owners Exemption

Save Money & Apply for a Homeowner’s exemption in Cook County IL

by Vittoria Logli

Want to save money after you buy a new home? There are tax savings and advantages of owning a home! A Homeowner Exemption provides property tax savings by reducing the equalized assessed value. Save money today when purchasing a new home in Cook County Illinois. This next step is critical in saving you money on your annual property taxes. Visit the Cook County Assessors Office now to file for a homeowner’s exemption.

Aug. 26, 2022

Which North Shore Suburb is Better, Wilmette or Glenview?

Which North Shore Suburb is better, Wilmette or Glenview? | Vittoria Logli


One of the biggest decisions a family can make is choosing the right suburb in which to live. For those who are lucky enough to have the option, there are many things to consider when making this decision. Two suburbs that are often compared are Glenview and Wilmette. While they share some similarities, there are also some key differences. Here is a look at some of the most important factors to consider when deciding between these two great suburbs.


First, at only about 5.4 square miles with a population of just over 27,000, Wilmette is much smaller than Glenview. On the other hand, Glenview is much larger, at 14 miles, and with a population of over 47,000.


Second, the public schools in these suburbs are both excellent. In Wilmette, elementary is K-4th, junior high is 5th-6th, and middle school is 7th-8th. All of these schools feed into New Trier High School, which is gigantic with over 4,000 kids and 2 campuses - including one for freshmen only. Glencoe, Winnetka, Kenilworth, Northfield & a small portion of east Glenview also feed into New Trier. In Glenview, schools are broken down a little differently. They are divided into, K-2nd, 3rd-5th, 6th-8th, and then high school.  Almost all of Glenview feeds into Glenbrook South High School (GBS), with approximately 3,000 students but only one campus. 


Third, between Wilmette and Glenview, the downtowns are pretty different. Wilmette has a traditional downtown area with lots of restaurants and many mom & pop shops. However, in Glenview, there are 2 different downtown areas.  In the original downtown Glenview, the Village has been trying to redevelop for years and it has been taking some time. But in the newer part of Glenview, The Glen, there is the Town Center.  It was the old Naval Air station used in WWII that was redeveloped in the early 2000s. Conveniently, both towns have metra train stops and are a quick 30-40 minute ride into the great city of Chicago. 


Fourth, something that both Wilmette and Glenview’s residents enjoy is the abundance of nature and outdoor space. However, the biggest difference is that Wilmette has the lake - perfect for biking and running along the beach trails. Whereas Glenview has many luscious forest preserves where you can bike, walk or go for a run.


Lastly, let's talk about housing! Wilmette’s homes tend to be charming and older with less square footage - the lots are also generally smaller. However, there are always those spectacular and gleaming lakefront properties. In Glenview, the lots also tend to be bigger and there is a large mix of housing, from new multi-million dollar properties to more affordable older homes. 


Homes in Wilmette are generally more expensive than in Glenview, with the home price at $851,000 compared to $619,000 in Glenview. Wilmette also has more homes that sell over $1 million, with between 140-180 homes a year vs Glenview, with 110-150 homes that sell yearly over $1 million. 


So, which is better? The answer to this question really depends on what you’re looking for in a suburb. If you want easier access to the city and lake, then Wilmette is probably your best bet. But if you’re after more space and affordability, Glenview might be a better fit for you. In the end, both suburbs are amazing places to live and it’s hard to go wrong with either one.


Vittoria Logli | Top Real Estate agent | @properties | Home Sales in Chicago North Shore & Glenview, IL

Aug. 24, 2022

Six Inexpensive Hacks for Your Home!

Here are six things to consider before selling your home!


Number 1: Make sure to make minor repairs before selling. We all have that one leaky faucet or broken light switch that we've been ignoring for probably a long time. Although they are minor issues, buyers love to quickly jump to conclusions - thinking what else is wrong with this house? These repairs are once again minor, which also means cheap! So get them done to sell your house for top dollar. 


Number 2: Freshen up the paint colors in your home. We have all fallen victim to Tuscan yellows and wine-red dining rooms. But, those colors are out! Simple neutral colors like a light gray, or even white can drastically change the appearance of your home, and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Plus, painting is relatively inexpensive and you'll definitely get your money back once you sell your home!


Number 3: To make your home more sellable, replace your old and dated light fixtures. You would be shocked at all the variety and budget-friendly options for light fixtures there are now. Simply go on or amazon and browse a bit. They have amazing options that aren't expensive. A new $100 fixture in your dining room and completely change the vibe. 


Number 4:  Remove dated curtains and balances, they are so not in anymore! You can replace them with inexpensive white light and bright cotton curtains from Home Goods, Amazon, or Target. You can even just leave the window naked if you want, it will allow all the natural light to seep in, and brighten up your room. 


Number 5: If you can smell it, you can’t sell it! Clean clean clean like you've never cleaned before. A clean and organized home is key to selling for top dollar. If you don't want to clean your home, then hire somebody to clean it; having a clean home goes a long way.


Number 6: Finally it's super important to have professional photos taken. They show off your home in the best way it can look. Say bye-bye to your iPhone pictures; they take great photos and selfies of your family, but not of your home. Professional photos and drone videos will make your home shine and really stand out amongst the others.


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Aug. 23, 2022

What Home Buyers are Shopping For in Glenview IL

​​What are home buyers shopping for in Gleview IL & other North Shore suburbs? If you're a seller, it's important to know what features and amenities that are on buyers' lists. There are some definite home trends when it comes to what buyers want in their homes. So if you're planning to put your house up for sale, read on to find out what you should be highlighting!


Kitchens are a major part of most homes, and buyers want to be sure that they're well-designed. A modern kitchen should have beautiful white cabinets with a large quartz or marble island in order for it to look clean and fresh - without being too outdated or traditional looking.


The second thing buyers are looking for are finished basements. A big rec room is a perfect spot to host game nights, watch your favorite TV show or just have some peace in an open space without distractions from outside noise! 


Clients are also looking for spacious walk-in closets that can accommodate their clothing, shoes, purses… everything! Buyers want a large enough area to store all of the items they collect over time, so the bigger the closet, the better!


With the growth of remote work, it is essential to have a home office. It is the perfect space for not only working but can be used for meetings and family projects. Nowadays, buyers aren't just looking for 1 office, but 2 - to accommodate the entire family. 


Lastly, the key to getting your home sold is making sure it's "move-in ready." Sellers should focus on making minor adjustments that won't break the bank but will give the home a nice facelift - like a fresh coat of neutral paint, new curtains, and modern light fixtures from Amazon.

Aug. 15, 2022

1485 Midway Ln Glenview, IL 60026

Southgate In The Glen by Top Realtor Vittoria Logli

Welcome to this voluminous brick home in a premier location in Southgate in The Glen. This home features beautiful curb appeal, voluminous open layout, tons of natural light, sleek hardwood floors, and is designed for a modern lifestyle and entertaining. Grand two-story foyer greets guests. Inviting and bright formal living and dining rooms; perfect for entertaining.

Cook and savor your favorite meals in this gourmet eat in kitchen featuring a center island, double ovens, stainless appliances, butler’s pantry, pantry, and planning desk.

Expansive family room with cozy fireplace and French doors leading to the backyard.

An essential office, mudroom with walk-in closet and powder room complete the main level.

Huge primary suite with tall ceilings, two walk-in closets and spa bath.

2nd floor boasts one-bedroom ensuite with new updated full bath, two additional graciously sized bedrooms with walk-in closets, full bath, and a convenient laundry room.

Huge unfinished basement boasts 2,168 SF of additional living space with roughed-in plumbing and ample storage – awaiting your decorating ideas.

Private outdoor oasis with deck, pergola, large paver patio and lush landscaping.

Prime location to The Glen Town Center, Metra Train, parks and so much more.

Glenview School District 34 & High School District 225 Westbrook Elementary School grades K-2, Glen Grove Elementary School grades 3-5, Attea Middle School grades 6-8 and the #2 Ranked High School Glenbrook South High School.

Listed by Top Real Estate Agent Southgate in The Glen, Vittoria Logli

Aug. 3, 2022

2539 Chestnut Ave, Glenview, IL 60026 Sold by Top Real Estate Agent Vittoria Logli


2539 Chestnut Ave Glenview IL 60026 Sold by Top Real Estate Agent Vittoria Logli

Look no further this is the perfect place and location to call home!Welcoming front porch greets guests into this fabulously updated gem in a premier location in The Glen. Open layout, modern finishes, and details with an abundance of natural light throughout.

Cook and savor your favorite meals in the gourmet kitchen featuring a center island with seating, double ovens, and high-end appliances. Grand two-story family room with cathedral ceilings, floor to ceiling windows and a cozy fireplace.

Inviting and bright living and dining rooms; perfect for entertaining.

An essential office, a convenient laundry/mudroom, and half bath complete the main level.

Primary retreat with cathedral ceilings, large walk-in closet and spa bath. 2nd floor boasts new carpet, a loft, 3 additional graciously sized bedrooms and a full bath.

Expansive fully finished basement with rec room, bonus room, full bath and ample storage and closets.

Lush backyard, paver patio and attached 2-car garage.

Everything is done for you to just move in and enjoy everything that The Glen has to offer!

The Glen Town Center, Metra Train & more. Glenview School Districts 34 & 225Westbrook Elementary School grades K-2, Glen Grove Elementary School grades 3-5, Attea Middle School grades 6-8 and the #2 Ranked High School Glenbrook South High School.

June 30, 2022

2101 Dauntless Drive, Glenview IL 60026


2101 Dauntless Drive, Glenview IL 60026 Sold by Vittoria Logli

Stunning townhome in premier Westgate at The Glen!

All the luxuries of a single-family home without maintenance. This gorgeous 4 bedroom, 3.1 bath unit has been completely updated with modern finishes and details throughout. Light and bright with a voluminous layout, sleek hardwood flooring and is made for entertaining and everyday living. Inviting and sundrenched living and dining room with floor to ceiling windows.

Cook your favorite meal in the gourmet kitchen highlighting stainless steel appliances, center island with seating, double oven, pantry, and adjacent breakfast room.

Retreat away to your primary suite on with two walk-in closets and spa bath.

Large family room with fireplace plus access to private deck.

Convenient laundry room and half bath complete the main level. 2nd floor offers an expansive loft/sitting room, two additional graciously sized bedrooms and full bath.

The finished basement has it all and boasts 1,534 SF of ultimate fun & entertaining with a rec room, wet bar, surround sound, fourth bedroom, full bath, and ample storage.

Private deck, lush landscaping and 2 car attached garage.

Amazing location right by The Glen Town Center, Metra Train, and so much more!

Glenview School District 34 & High School District 225 Westbrook Elementary School grades K-2, Glen Grove Elementary School grades 3-5, Attea Middle School grades 6-8 and the #2 Ranked High School Glenbrook South High School.