Here are six things to consider before selling your home!


Number 1: Make sure to make minor repairs before selling. We all have that one leaky faucet or broken light switch that we've been ignoring for probably a long time. Although they are minor issues, buyers love to quickly jump to conclusions - thinking what else is wrong with this house? These repairs are once again minor, which also means cheap! So get them done to sell your house for top dollar. 


Number 2: Freshen up the paint colors in your home. We have all fallen victim to Tuscan yellows and wine-red dining rooms. But, those colors are out! Simple neutral colors like a light gray, or even white can drastically change the appearance of your home, and make it more attractive to potential buyers. Plus, painting is relatively inexpensive and you'll definitely get your money back once you sell your home!


Number 3: To make your home more sellable, replace your old and dated light fixtures. You would be shocked at all the variety and budget-friendly options for light fixtures there are now. Simply go on or amazon and browse a bit. They have amazing options that aren't expensive. A new $100 fixture in your dining room and completely change the vibe. 


Number 4:  Remove dated curtains and balances, they are so not in anymore! You can replace them with inexpensive white light and bright cotton curtains from Home Goods, Amazon, or Target. You can even just leave the window naked if you want, it will allow all the natural light to seep in, and brighten up your room. 


Number 5: If you can smell it, you can’t sell it! Clean clean clean like you've never cleaned before. A clean and organized home is key to selling for top dollar. If you don't want to clean your home, then hire somebody to clean it; having a clean home goes a long way.


Number 6: Finally it's super important to have professional photos taken. They show off your home in the best way it can look. Say bye-bye to your iPhone pictures; they take great photos and selfies of your family, but not of your home. Professional photos and drone videos will make your home shine and really stand out amongst the others.