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Glenbrook South High School Exterior

Glenbrook South High School

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Many families move to Glenview because of the great schools. Glenbrook South High School was ranked the 19th best public school in the U.S. by Business Insider in 2014. In 2015, District 225 was ranked 2nd in the state and 10th in the nation by Business Insider. The extracurriculars were also ranked 1st in the nation by Niche. For more info on school ratings, click here.

GBS offers a number of activities for all students ranging from artistic and cultural to social and academic welfare. The list changes every year based on student interest. The more nationally recognized clubs include Debate Team, Juggling Club and LiNK (Liberty in North Korea). The programs are so successful over 90% of the student body participates in extracurricular activities and are very involved in the school and community. 

Everyone is committed to the goal of achieving excellence and their program is created to offer the most flexibility in meeting the needs of the school's diverse population. Student Services also aims to assist all students in their self understanding, responsibility and decision-making abilities. For more information, please click here.



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